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Tom’s Supporters

The Perez nomination for Secretary of Labor has received support from a wide-range of people, organizations, and communities. Check back here as we update with statements, opinion pieces, letters, and more from the growing coalition of Americans who want the Senate to swiftly confirm Tom Perez.

NHLA Looks Forward to Confirmation of Perez

The National Hispanic Leadership Agenda (NHLA) looks forward to the confirmation of Perez as the new Secretary of Labor and his continued consensus building between various parties of interest, such as labor and business as well as Republicans and Democrats. Read more about Perez and his achievements here .

Janet Murguía, President and CEO of NCLR, one of the thirty organizations of NHLA stated, “Throughout Tom’s remarkable career no one has been a stronger champion of working families, including the millions of Hispanic families he has directly helped through his work. We believe that his considerable talent, experience and expertise coupled with his commitment and compassion will make him an exceptional Labor Secretary.

Read press release here .

The HNBA Applauds Perez on His Nomination

The Hispanic National Bar Association (HNBA) expresses enthusiasm and support for Perez on his nomination as the new Secretary of Labor, a well-deserving step up in his public service and representation of the legal community.

“The HNBA salutes Thomas Perez as he reaches a new height in his legal career,” said HNBA National President Peter M. Reyes, Jr. “His years of dedicated, productive service have set a high standard in the legal profession. As the son of immigrants from the Dominican Republic, his parents taught him the importance of education, hard work and public service.”

Read press release here .

LULAC Gives Support for Perez as Labor Secretary

LULAC agrees that Perez will uphold the duties of Labor Secretary to represent the labor community in all issues and continue the fight against civil rights violations.

“LULAC has worked closely with the civil rights office and knows the caliber of person that the President has tapped as his next Secretary of Labor,” said LULAC National President Margaret Moran. “Both Mr. Perez’s professional background, which includes a diverse knowledge for the different branches of government, and his passionate work on behalf of the oppressed, make him the most qualified person to serve as Secretary of Labor.”

Read press release here.

NALEO Strongly Advocates Confirmation of Perez

NALEO credits P erez for handling issues confronting the labor community, ensuring their civil rights and achieving consensus between various stakeholders in the workplace. Under his leadership, the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department made voting rights cases a priority in 2012.

“As a lifelong public official, Mr. Perez has amassed an impressive history safeguarding workers, fostering economic development and cultivating a thriving workforce in the state of Maryland and nationwide.”

Read press release here .

U.S. League of Dominican-American Elected Officials Praises the Nomination of Perez

The U.S. League of Dominican-American Elected Officials sees the nomination of Perez as Secretary of Labor as an opportunity  to expand his influence on immigration reform and workforce development, as well as protecting voting rights for all Americans.

“This nomination marks a historic moment for Dominican Americans who have made this country their home,” said New York City Council Member Ydanis Rodriguez. “I commend president Obama for nominating a fighter for human rights and social justice to this important post. I hope to see Thomas Perez furthering the progress made on immigrant workers’ rights and pushing strong on increasing the national minimum wage.”

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USW Approves Perez as New Labor Secretary

USW finds a wort hy Secretary of Labor in Perez given his comprehensive dedication to workers’ rights, from health and safety to wages.

“Whether the issue was civil rights, immigration, education, health and safety, wages, health care or veterans’ affairs, Mr. Perez has been on the side of working people every step of the way throughout his career,” International President Leo W. Gerard said in USW’s statement of approval.

Read the statement here .

UAW Issues Official Support for Perez

Th e UAW acknowledged Perez for his civil rights victories, especially concerning discrimination at the voting polls against targeted minorities and the poor.

His own personal “American immigration success story” will “help him address the issues as secretary of labor. The son of immigrants from the Dominican Republic, Perez helped put himself through college by working as a trash collector and in a warehouse. He knows what it means to work hard to get ahead.”

Read the statement here .


AFL-CIO Urges Confirmation of Perez

The AFL-CIO recognizes Perez’s record of advocacy work on behalf of working families, immigrants, and others vulnerable to discrimination in housing, employment, voting, and at the workplace.

“At a time when our politics tilts so heavily toward corporations and the very wealthy, our country needs leaders like Tom Perez to champion the cause of ordinary working people. And working families need and deserve a strong advocate as their Secretary of Labor,” said AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka.

Read the statement here .

Teamsters Endorses Perez Nomination

   Due to Perez’s consistent support for working families and employment opportunities, Teamsters endorses President Obama’s nomination of Perez as the new Secretary of Labor.

Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa shed light on Perez’s personal connections to labor issues and responded favorably to his work thus far saying, “We look forward to the confirmation of Thomas Perez as Labor Secretary so he can get to work on continuing to strengthen our middle class and restoring balance to an economy that favors excessive profits over workplace fairness.”

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NCAPA Announces Support for Perez Confirmation

NCAPA, a voice for 30 national Asian Pacific American organizations, detailed in a recent press release reasons for its support of Perez as the new Secretary of Labor. Reasons include his perennial activism for issues, such as voter protection, educational equity, and employment discrimination.

Lisa Hasegawa, executive director of National CAPACD (Coalition for Asian Pacific American Community Development) says, “Over the years, we have worked closely with Mr. Perez to address language access, fair lending and employment discrimination issues in AAPI communities as a part of ensuring equal opportunities for all Americans. We ask the Senate to confirm Mr. Perez without delay.”

Read press release here .