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Iowa Mom of Daughter with Disability Urges Senators Grassley and Harkin to Confirm Perez

Julie Beckett, the mother of a daughter with a disability that recently passed away, wrote a powerful letter in the Cedar Rapids Gazette urging Senators Grassley and Harkin to confirm Tom Perez to be the next Secretary of Labor.

From the letter, “I want to see people like my daughter Katie, people who might have a disability but want to live and work in the community, get an opportunity to pursue the American dream. That’s why I am supporting Perez’s confirmation to be the next Secretary of Labor, and that is why I am urging Senators Chuck Grassley and Tom Harkin of Iowa to swiftly approve his nomination.”

Former Republican Member of Congress: Republicans misjudge Tom Perez

Former Congressman Mickey Edwards (R-OK) published an op ed in Politico urging the Senate to confirm Perez. An excerpt is below, read it all here .

“If Perez had b een a member of Congress during my years as a member of the House Republican leadership, it’s almost certain that we would have disagreed on a number of important issues. But I would have had confidence that Tom and I could sit down together, talk about our differences, and work to find ways to move forward together in the best interests of the country we both love. It wouldn’t always be a successful effort but it would always be an honest one.

It’s time for members of the Senate, Republican and Democrat alike, to stop engaging in knee-jerk hostility to anybody who carries the other party’s label: if a nominee for a Cabinet position is lacking in the ability to do the job or unwilling to consider divergent views, he or she might well merit a vote against confirmation. But that most assuredly is not the case with Tom Perez. He will enforce the nation’s labor laws with fairness and integrity and that’s exactly what we should want in the head of any government department. He understands what it takes to be an effective Labor Secretary, because he has done the job successfully at a state level.”

Former Maryland GOP Chair Would Trust Perez with His Estate, saying “he’s just a trustworthy guy.”

From the Mother Jones article by Adam Serwer, “Not Every Republican Hates Obama’s Progressive Labor Secretary Nominee”

Thomas Perez, the head of the Justice Department’s civil rights division and President Barack Obama’s nominee to head the Department of Labor, is getting some support from unexpected corners: Republicans, particularly in his home state of Maryland.

…”He’s just a trustworthy guy,” says John Kane, a former chair of the Maryland GOP. “If I had to put a trust together to manage my affairs after I was gone, Tom would be one of the top three guys I would pick to do that, even though I disagree with him more than half the time.”

Read more here.

Bush Appointee John Dunne Writes in Support of Perez

John Dunne, who was appointed by George H.W. Bush to serve as Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights from 1990-1993, wrote a letter to Senators Thomas Harkin and Lamar Alexander urging them to support Thomas Perez.

“I write as an appointee by former President George H.W. Bush to the United States Department of Justice in support of Thomas Perez who has been nominated by President Obama to serve as Secretary of Labor and urge your favorable consideration of his candidacy.”

Download the full letter here.

Chair of the Maryland Council of Community College Presidents Endorses Perez Confirmation

“Mr. Perez recognized the important role that community colleges play in the education of our state’s workforce, and was a tremendous partner at a time of rising unemployment and increased need for community college services. At this time of great transformation for our nation’s workforce, his vision will serve workers, employers and our nation well.”

-Dr. Guy Altieri, chair of the Maryland Council of Community College Presidents and president of Hagerstown Community College

Read more here.

People with Disabilities Launch

Over 50 organizations representing people with varying disabilities have launched a coalition to support Assistant Attorney General Tom Perez’s confirmation to be Secretary of Labor.

in their own words, the disability groups have become among the most active supporters of a Perez confirmation because  “in the twenty three years since the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act, a top priority of the disability rights movement has been making sure that the law is properly enforced. In that time, few have played a greater role in advancing that cause than Assistant Attorney General Tom Perez. During his time leading the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice, Mr. Perez has earned his reputation as an extraordinary champion of people with disabilities by enforcing the law to ensure that every American has an equal opportunity to succeed.”

The full coalition list below.  Go to to learn more.