82 Civil and Human Rights Groups Back Perez Nomination

A coalition of 82 national organizations representing the broad diversity of our country recently called on the Senate to swiftly confirm Tom Perez to be Labor Secretary.

In their joint letter to the Senate, the groups point to Perez’s leadership of the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice as a key factor in their endorsement, stating that “Mr. Perez helped build consensus with stakeholders to uphold the civil and constitutional rights of all Americans, particularly some of the most vulnerable members of our society….He has also been a tireless champion of voting rights, disability rights, equal educational equity, and has prosecuted some of the most heinous hate crimes in recent memory. ”

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Broad Coalition Launches www.ConfirmPerez.org to Support Nominee for Secretary of Labor

April 17, 2013
Contact:  Scott Westbrook Simpson, 202.466.2061, simpson@civilrights.org

Broad Coalition Launches www.ConfirmPerez.org to Support Nominee for Secretary of Labor

Washington – On the day before the Senate confirmation hearing of Assistant Attorney General Tom Perez to be the next Secretary of Labor, The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights is launching an online hub for information about the nominee and the broad coalition that supports his nomination.

www.ConfirmPerez.org will collect information from a growing bipartisan coalition of advocates for people with disabilities, businesses, Latino organizations, universities, civil rights groups, law enforcement officials, and more who share the view that Tom Perez should be swiftly confirmed by the Senate.

What ties these disparate groups together is their shared experience with Perez, who previously served as Maryland’s Labor Secretary, as an official in the Department of Health and Human Services, as a senior aide to the late Senator Ted Kennedy, and as an elected official in Montgomery County, Maryland.  They all share a common experience of Perez as a pragmatic, effective public servant and a consensus builder for better government.

Wade Henderson, president and CEO of The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, said, “Tom Perez’s outstanding career in public service makes him eminently qualified to take on the responsibility of ensuring the well-being of our nation’s workforce. www.ConfirmPerez.org will show how an emerging bipartisan, broadbased coalition is coming together to call on the Senate to swiftly confirm him to be our next Secretary of Labor.”


National Women’s Law Center Comes Out for Perez

The National Women’s Law Center recently came out in support of President Obama’s nomination of Assistant Attorney General Tom Perez’s nomination to be Secretary of Labor.

In a statement, the organization’s Co-President Nancy Duff Campbell said “Tom Perez’s twenty-year career in public service demonstrates a commitment to civil rights and to enforcing core legal protections upon which women, and all Americans, rely.”

NWLC’s other Co-President, Marcia Greenberger shared how important the Labor Department is to women’s issues in America, saying  that “it enforces the federal guarantee that workers can take job-protected family and medical leave, wage and hour protections that protect workers from exploitation and abuse, and rules requiring federal contractors to advance equal opportunity in their workforces, among other crucial protections.”

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Congressional Hispanic Caucus Defends Perez from Biased House Hearing

“For a party that is trying to overcome racially insensitive comments and engage the Hispanic  community, I would suggest not smearing a highly qualified Latino cabinet nominee. While Republicans are blocking a skilled public servant only for their own partisan purposes, real problems concerning the rights of our workforce and the quality of life for our working families are still awaiting solutions.”

- Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC) Chairman Rubén Hinojosa (TX-15)

Bush Appointee John Dunne Writes in Support of Perez

John Dunne, who was appointed by George H.W. Bush to serve as Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights from 1990-1993, wrote a letter to Senators Thomas Harkin and Lamar Alexander urging them to support Thomas Perez.

“I write as an appointee by former President George H.W. Bush to the United States Department of Justice in support of Thomas Perez who has been nominated by President Obama to serve as Secretary of Labor and urge your favorable consideration of his candidacy.”

Download the full letter here.

Bipartisan Group of Attorneys General Back Perez

A bipartisan group of ten current and former state attorneys general issued a statement in support of Thomas Perez.

“As state Attorneys General, we have found Perez to be open, responsive and fundamentally fair. He is committed to justice and the rule of law and able to work across party and philosophical lines to achieve just results. The U.S. Department of Labor and the country will be well served by a leader who understands the need to forge partnerships with state and local officials and who values cooperation to bring about successful results for both employers and employees.”

Download the full statement here.

Human Rights Campaign Supports Perez

The Human Rights Campaign issued a statement praising Thomas Perez’s work to prevent hate crimes.

“The President made a strong choice for the next labor secretary by nominating Assistant Attorney General Tom Perez,” said HRC President Chad Griffin.  “Perez has been a longtime advocate for LGBT equality.  As assistant attorney general, he has worked to protect the community from hate crimes and has testified before Congress on the importance of passing legislation protecting LGBT individuals from workplace discrimination.  We hope the senate moves forward in a bipartisan manner and without delay to confirm Perez as the next labor secretary.”

Read the full statement here.

Baltimore Sun Editorial Defends Perez

An editorial in the Baltimore Sun defended Thomas Perez against the “flimsy” attacks of critics.

“What Republicans are really upset about in the nomination of Mr. Perez is that he worked hard to enforce voting rights laws at a time when GOP officials in states across the country were seeking to make it harder for people — particularly the poor and minorities — to register and vote. They don’t like that as labor secretary in Maryland, he stood against predatory lending practices and in favor of enforcing fair pay laws. And many can’t stomach his record of treating immigrants — legal or not — as human beings. Mr. Perez is energetic and smart, with clear eyes and a good heart. He’s exactly the kind of person America’s workers need looking out for them.”

Read the full editorial here.

Buffalo News Editorial Backs Perez

The Buffalo News editorial board says that Thomas Perez has “empowered the powerless.”

“As soon as President Obama announced his choice for labor secretary, it became clear that Snyder native Thomas E. Perez had become the latest target of today’s toxic political environment.

“Indeed, it’s going to be a bumpy ride, as News Washington bureau chief Jerry Zremski reported. But Perez, who has fought more than his share of battles representing the downtrodden and disenfranchised, will surely be up to the tough task ahead.”

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