Tom Perez’s Record as Maryland Labor Secretary

While Secretary of Maryland’s Department of Labor, Tom Perez led the way in implementing dramatic and effective initiatives that provided proactive and reasonable responses to the impending national economic crisis.

He has the support of every major stakeholder constituency in the state, including business, government, and community organizations, including:

He also led initiatives that created a culture of thoughtful and common sense governance, while dramatically improving the reputation of the agency. Perez led the way to many of the State’s responses to the great economic crisis of 2008.

  •  Anticipating the meltdown of the financial and housing market, as well the ensuing foreclosure crisis.
  • During a time of declining resources, Perez re-prioritized agency operations and re-assigned staff and resources to investigate and prosecute those con-artists who targeted homeowners in financial distress.
  •  Anticipating the job losses brought on by the reckless actions of Wall Street and the housing market crash, Perez made structural reforms to Maryland’s workforce development infrastructure that prepared Marylanders who were most vulnerable to job losses the chance for a speedier return to work.
  • Drawing together business and labor leaders, Perez crafted the Workplace Fraud Act of 2009 to address the problem of misclassifying workers as independent contractors instead of employees, leading to lower wages and benefits.