U.S. Army veteran: “Military families have no better ally than Tom Perez”

Decorated U.S. Army Veteran and former Democratic U.S. Congressman for Pennsylvania, Patrick J. Murphy, spent this Memorial Day weekend reflecting on Tom Perez’s demonstrated commitment to supporting our troops through the Department of Justice’s enforcement of the Servicemember Civil Relief Act in order to keep military families in their homes when at risk of foreclosure.

“During his time at the Department of Justice, Perez has been a champion for our men and women in uniform. As assistant attorney general, Perez took on Wall Street on behalf of military families—recovering more than $50 million for service members harmed by illegal foreclosure or lending practices.”

Murphy continues by emphasizing that now more than ever is the time to confirm Tom Perez to Labor Secretary as a champion for service members’ rights as they return home from Afghanistan with an increased need for job training opportunities:

“As the United States winds down its mission in Afghanistan, more than one million servicemen and women will transition back to civilian life over the next five years. And they’re coming back to an economy where the unemployment rate for post-9/11 veterans is 25% higher than that of their civilian counterparts. The Department of Labor—which runs a number of employment and training services for veterans—will be critical in helping service members navigate this transition.

If lawmakers are serious about supporting our troops and military families, they will swiftly confirm Tom Perez to lead the Department of Labor. Our military men and women could have no better ally.”

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